Fastly Different Healthcare

By Christopher Hughey

WellAI CEO: Why Is Epic So Wrong and So Right?

This month we welcome guest-blogger Sergei Polevikov, CEO of WellAI. Do you know who controls your medical records? If you are not familiar with Epic, you are probably an outsider to the healthcare industry.  Epic is a leader (some may even say – a monopoly) in the electronic medical records (EMR) business.  It’s not just…

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Physician Burnout: When Did Your Flame Go Out?

We talk to Dr. Lara Salyer about physician burnout. This month’s blog is by Fast Layne Solutions CEO…

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Advance Care Planning: The Crisis That Is Leaving Money On The Table and Patients In Limbo

Today’s blog is by Fast Layne Solutions CEO Christopher Hughey. You can follow him on LinkedIn. Five-minute read. “Crisis”…

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How WellAi Is Clearing The Path From Patients To Doctors

This month’s blog is by Fast Layne Solutions, Inc. CEO Christopher Hughey. When I say the terms ‘Artificial…

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Fighting Physician Burnout: The Countdown Initiative

Reading time: 3 minutes According to the latest annual Physician Well-Being Report, doctors are  5x more likely than others…

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The Docola Video Platform: A Better Path Towards Effective Patient Education

5-minute read Today let’s talk patient education. To far too many medical practices, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies, patient…

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HPEC: The Radical Notion That Doctors And Patients Should Be At The Center Of Healthcare

​Today’s blog article is by Fast Layne Solutions CEO Christopher Hughey. 5-minute read. In late July, I talked to Dr….

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The DTIMP Scorecard©: What Does Digital Transformation Mean For Independent Medical Practices?

​Today we are introducing you to the concept of Digital Transformation for Independent Medical Practices© (DTIMP©, pronounced DEE-timp)…

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Being a Healthcare Leader of Color In The Age of Black Lives Matter

In honor of this month’s Juneteenth holiday and in recognition of the challenges facing the African American community…

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Why Your Disability Insurance Won’t Protect You… And How To Fix It

Today’s Guest Blogger is Danny Mensh of InsureSTAT, a national leader in disability insurance for physicians. Danny is a 23-year veteran…

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“Dentist-ing” In The Age of COVID

Today’s blog is a Guest Blog by Charlotte dentist Dr. Charles Payet. Since 1999, Dr. Payet has been…

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