Corporate Social

Fast Layne Solutions is committed to upholding the very highest ethical and corporate social responsibility standards. We see ourselves as part of our community and thus responsible to all its stakeholders, not just our shareholders.

Giving Back

Fast Layne Solutions has committed to donate 5% of post-tax net corporate profits to pediatric oncology research at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. We regularly run promotions that involve donating portions of our proceeds to various local schools and charities.

Ethical Standards

All Fast Layne Solutions employees and contractors are expected to behave in accordance to the highest business ethical standards. Activities such as kick-backs, bribes, etc. are not tolerated and anyone engaging in such actions would face immediate termination.

Fast Layne Solutions has partnerships with numerous companies offering valuable services to our clients. In line with our ethics policy, we receive no remuneration in exchange for referring clients to these partners, except where fully disclosed to all relevant parties. Should there be any change in our compensation policy, we will disclose those to all parties involved, including our clients.

Environmental Policy

Fast Layne Solutions is dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact. To that end, we are almost entirely paperless and we offset all business travel with carbon credits.